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Monday, September 19, 2011

Insanely Inspired

I was going to post about what I did after the SHE ART class- which was a class online from Brave Girls club founder Melody Ross,and Kathy Wilkins out of Idaho--- look here for inspiration.
I will have to do that at another time. I just got back from the most inspiring 2 days of my life.(Thurs arrived, Friday classes, Sat. VIP breakfast, then home) I have not been this excited since I conceived my son! SERIOUSLY!
I attended TCC the creative connection in St Paul MN. (artists and crafters)
First of all, it was a big deal just to get there! I am a bit of a wimp about travelling alone, driving etc.It was almost 300 miles. plus it was going to be the 1st time leaving my child since he was born. (5 years)
It all turned out soooooooooo awesome! I was insanely inspired,and profoundly moved. I met some really great women, and also met some of the women that inspire me, (Melody Ross, Kellierae Roberts,Lisa McCue)ladies from Big picture classes. I got to make some great crafts,(Soul Book)and learn from others,(Lisa McCue)and see what's "hot" now~ at the "market".I attended the VIP breakfast which was too great for words. I stumbled in there all alone, and asked a woman if the whole table was "taken", she graciously said "we'd love to have you join us."(I had no idea I asked to sit with a "reserved" table the women from Blogher.) I didnt see the little reserved sign.I was embarrassed and also very grateful. as I sat there and listened intently to the questions posed and all the gracious answers- I was moved to tears a few times. I had always enjoyed Curly Girl- but to hear her speak, it was really nice. I was familiar with melody Ross and Kellierae Roberts,and susan Branch(LOVE THEM) I had seen Karen's work in the photgraphy book shutter sisters(I think that is the title) and I had recently learned of Uppecase while attending Melody's soul Book class- ladies at my table were raving about her.(I apologize I dont have photos or all names correct at this posting)
I have recently been introduced to where woem create magazine and several other publications from them-and just absorb every page! Love it! To see and hear Jo Packman was really endearing!
Thanks for stopping by.

My son did ok without me,too!

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  1. hi michelle-

    thank you so much for your comment on my blog. i don't mind sharing who my printer is at all! they're fabulous! i go with alphagraphics in madison, wi. they've been so helpful in working with me to get just what i want.

    i was at tcc too! glad you had such a wonderful time!

    good luck with everything!