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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lifebook 2012

Lifebook January is all about harnessing my Goddess super powers.
These are pictures of the Goddess I drew and painted. This will be page 1 of my book!I still need to add the qualities of my Goddess, they will be displayed on the flap.
This assignment was truely fun. I enjoyed the drawing and painting lessons, and thinking up some great qualities about myself was rather difficult. We are brought up that it is not polite to "toot our own horn".

Monday, January 9, 2012


Maybe it is because of the new year, maybe it is my age, but it seems I am very aware of what I love, and enjoy and long to see, do & experience. Maybe it is because something has been missing altho there all the time? If you havent read my posts before I am a married, mother of 1 high energy 5 yr old. Lucky to be a stay at home mom. My husband travels alot. I have always wanted to be a "mom". I have cherished every single solitary minute of my life as a mom and mom to be. I adored being pregnant. I had a "feeling" my child would be special. With that I somehow knew I would be teaching my child to do things and to hit milestones long after his toddler peers were independent. For me- it was ok, better than ok! I loved being his teacher, and cheerleader!
Somewhere in the time that he was learning and growing and I was figuring out how to be a great mom, and an educated mom,an advocate, a fighter, a teacher, training, modifying, guessing, trying, trying again,pursuing, researching and realizing... I lost myself.
I have recently found a great community of friends, whether they are online friends that I have never met face to face or the wonderful parents I have met at my sons school--either way they are a saving grace.
I realize now that I have to take time for me, and to breathe... take a little time each day to to reflect on what I love(besides being a mom)
I need to seek JOY even if it is 1 little thing each day, like watching the winter birds in the feeders outside my patio window. To me, I realize that I need to do this and remind myself that I need to find that place of calm and beauty that I love in nature and wildlife-to help me when things are frustrating, isolating and heart aching.If I do that... I think my day(s) will be a little better!~and I will be a more patient mom and wife.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year very exciting !!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!(pictured to the right is myself and my sister Pam) I am extremely excited about this year probably more so than I have ever been on day 1 of a new year. I have always had a fun New Years eve for the most part with friends, or family. This year is so different because of all the extremely wonderful avenues that have come my way, in terms of art and people.
I have always been artsy from a little kid. I never really knew how to pursue it or even keep it in my life just as a hobby.Believe me when I say YEARS went by and I always felt like something was missing.I never knew what, tho.
This year with the help of some special people I am venturing on a journey of self discovery of sorts. I am participating in a 1 year art/therapy on line course, called LifeBook. Look it up at
The person who organized Life Book is truely an amazing person. Please read about Tam here:
I am beyond excited to learn from 13 different teachers thru out the year. I am even more thrilled to have told one of my sisters about it, and she has climbed on board. I am so amazed at her willingness to do this- she will attest she is not ARTY. It doesnt matter if one thinks of themselves as an arty or crafty person when working on Life book. She will do fantastic things! I can hardly contain my excitement for all the growth I will be doing and also I am not scared of reaching in to the darker places for healing. it is long overdue. I have a fabulous feeling of Great things to come for me in 2012