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Friday, December 30, 2011

balance and creativity in 2012

Re-posted from July 2003:

(posted by When I first read Julie’s words, goosebumps lined my arms because what she speaks about in this newsletter is something I – and a lot of artists I know – struggle with. Balance.

Most of us tend to overwork ourselves, something that is easy to do when you’re in love with what you do. However, if you don’t look after yourself, your relationships and your home, your work (and you) will eventually suffer. Balance is the key to everything, but sometimes that’s hard to do.

Julie’s “Check List” is a great reminder on how to keep our lives balanced and our work creative. Take it away Julie!

Monthly Life Balance Checklist
by Julie Valentine

Life can get pretty busy with work and life pressures, that’s why I think it’s important to find tools to keep us in track. I have learned, over the last 2 years with my business, that tools and processes can keep the edge off feelings of extreme overwhelm. To keep me on track I created, along with my business coach, a checklist to keep me on track. This list is so helpful I wanted to share it with you.

Try looking over this list once a month and make note of anything that is out of whack. Identify solutions that leave you inspired. Put each solution on your to do list and schedule a date to complete it – even if it’s a year or more from now.

Overtime, completing each item will give you a sense of balance and control over your life and give you a freedom that will allow you to share more of your talents with the world.


Am I Nurturing My Relationships?
[_] Is there anyone that I owe a phone call, letter, email, etc. who I need to be in communication with?
[_] Do I have any broken promises I need to apologize for and release or complete?
[_] Have I gossiped about anyone?
[_] Am I in contact with Mentors, Teachers or Sages?
[_] Is there anyone I need to acknowledge or thank?
[_] Am I nurturing or creating romantic relationships?
[_] Am I nurturing family relationships?
[_] Am I supporting the endeavors of others? attending receptions, graduation, openings?
[_] Am I remembering life events by sending cards or calling for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays?

Am I Expressing My Creativity and Sense of Play?
[_] Have I scheduled a vacation?
[_] Have I created something original from my heart?
[_] Have I scheduled a local adventure to discover a new place, restaurant, museum, etc.
[_] Have I set a side time to dream and vision my future? (Keep a journal, etc.)
[_] Have I spent time in silence?

Am I Honoring My Body Temple?
[_] Have I scheduled a physical with a doctor and/or OBGYN?
[_] Have I moved my body through physical activity? dance , yoga, etc.
[_] Do I have sufficient health insurance?
[_] Are my hair and nails in good condition?
[_] Am I getting regular body work: massage, reiki, etc.
[_] Am I getting sufficient sleep?
[_] Are there any differences in the look and texture of my body that I need to deal with?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment at the dentist office?
[_] Am I drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and completing my meals by 7pm?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor?
[_] Am I putting an effort into my appearance?

Am I Managing My Palace?
[_] Is my check book balanced?
[_] Is my house clear of clutter?
[_] Which areas need attention?
[_] Are my taxes paid?
[_] Are my bills paid or scheduled to be paid?
[_] Do I have a long term financial plan in motion ?
[_] Do I have a sufficient savings and a savings plan?
[_] Do I donate to charity?
[_] Do I have sufficient home insurance?
[_] Are my home appliances in working order?
[_] Are my plants watered?

How’s Work? Am I Sharing My Gifts and Talents with the World?
[_] Is my work place clean?
[_] Are there any communications I need to make with my contractors, vendors, customers?
[_] Am I showing up for work on time?
[_] Is my performance at work up to par?
[_] Am I holding people to account for our agreements?
[_] Are my bills and/or business expenses paid?
[_] Are my business taxes complete?
[_] Are my business license current and complete?
[_] Are my business systems helping me progress with efficiency?
[_] Are sales meeting or exceeding targets?
[_] Is my business supporting me and enhancing my life?
[_] Am I happy with my salary?
[_] Do I have sufficient legal representation?
[_] Do I have gathered an extraordinary team of employees or contractors to assist in production?
[_] Have I created a marketing strategy to keep my products alive in my customers minds?

Am I Honoring My Mode of Transportation?
[_] Is my car registration up to date?
[_] Do I have sufficient car insurance?
[_] Is my car clean, clear of clutter and smelling fresh?
[_] Have I scheduled an oil change?
[_] Do I have any incomplete traffic/parking violations?
[_] Are my tires in good working order?
[_] Have I addressed any other maintenance issues?
[_] Have I scheduled a routine checkup with a qualified mechanic?
[_] Is my car filled with enough gas to get me through the week?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am so thrilled to be on the receiving end of Tracy Verdugo!
I joined an art community online and participated in an art swap.(featured by Louise Gale it out it is worth seeing!
I was partnered with Tracy and received a beautiful piece of art from her and in my previous post I showed the item I sent to her.It was an amazing event. Tracy lives in Austraila so it was exciting sending something there as well as getting her package in my mailbox.
Take a look, isn't it fabulous????

Monday, November 21, 2011

global ART Swap

I am so thrilled to be a part of a global Heart exchange.Everyone was to make a piece from their heart and pass it on.we each had a swap partner. Mine went all the way to austraila,to Tracy Verdugo.( This is an artist I adore, I found her online,and am not entirely sure how, but her blog is bright and cheerful and I just love her art. So, this means that she made something for ME!!!!I am anxiously awaiting my parcel!!!:) The piece I made for Tracy was a 4x4, and it will hang from a wire with beads. The message is "let your heart sing"! I feel like my heart is full of music since finding an online art community.LOVE JOY HAPPINESS!

Friday, November 18, 2011

magically mixed art community

I just have to say I am thrilled to be a part of an online art group. I was welcomed in so easily and I have loved reading and looking at the art! Here is what it says on the "welcome post"
Hi everyone! What a wonderful place this has become.....a place to explore and connect with others around the world who like to play and create. a place to inspire each other through ups and downs. a place to be your authentic creative self. a place of no judgment.Check them out on facebook.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have been going thru alot of my days as a single mom due to the fact my husband travels for work and he has been on the road 24/6 for the past 5 weeks. I do really great for the first 8 days. He is usually home for a day or 2 but catches up on his own "chores" and there isnt alot of time for us as a family. I have been reaching out trying to "connect" with some mommy-friends, and volunteering with my childs school, and getting ina little ART respite now and then.
I do my best to provide a safe and mostly happy time for my little guy. We have done pumpkin farms, hay rides and petting farms, last weekend was trick or treat, and our village had a spooky walk. We enjoyed it alot. My little one was so brave and hilarious!
Having a child with some developmental delays makes it super hard some days because my head is telling me he is 5 years old when my heart knows he is Not really, so I shouldnt be as upset with some of the behaviors or issues that go on.
This brings me back to my need for community.
I feel better when I dive into some of the BLOGS that I love,(kellierae roberts,) and also on the days that I know I can do some art. In my own little way I have found a community that quite honestly saves my soul.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn means scarecrows

The village we live in was having a scarecrow contest,so we decided to make one of our own using my sons smaller clothes. We had a lot of fun stuffing him with paper. When we put his pants on the floor full of paper they stood up* it was pretty funny to watch our dog and cat walk over to them - a tad bit curious!We placed him outside on the bench.We used acrylic paint and it rained and washed his cheeks off right away. that was pretty funny!My computer was broken so I couldnt upload my picture to enter it in the contest but that's ok we think he is a winner. His name is Mr. Paper legs! AKA stumpy

Monday, September 19, 2011

Insanely Inspired

I was going to post about what I did after the SHE ART class- which was a class online from Brave Girls club founder Melody Ross,and Kathy Wilkins out of Idaho--- look here for inspiration.
I will have to do that at another time. I just got back from the most inspiring 2 days of my life.(Thurs arrived, Friday classes, Sat. VIP breakfast, then home) I have not been this excited since I conceived my son! SERIOUSLY!
I attended TCC the creative connection in St Paul MN. (artists and crafters)
First of all, it was a big deal just to get there! I am a bit of a wimp about travelling alone, driving etc.It was almost 300 miles. plus it was going to be the 1st time leaving my child since he was born. (5 years)
It all turned out soooooooooo awesome! I was insanely inspired,and profoundly moved. I met some really great women, and also met some of the women that inspire me, (Melody Ross, Kellierae Roberts,Lisa McCue)ladies from Big picture classes. I got to make some great crafts,(Soul Book)and learn from others,(Lisa McCue)and see what's "hot" now~ at the "market".I attended the VIP breakfast which was too great for words. I stumbled in there all alone, and asked a woman if the whole table was "taken", she graciously said "we'd love to have you join us."(I had no idea I asked to sit with a "reserved" table the women from Blogher.) I didnt see the little reserved sign.I was embarrassed and also very grateful. as I sat there and listened intently to the questions posed and all the gracious answers- I was moved to tears a few times. I had always enjoyed Curly Girl- but to hear her speak, it was really nice. I was familiar with melody Ross and Kellierae Roberts,and susan Branch(LOVE THEM) I had seen Karen's work in the photgraphy book shutter sisters(I think that is the title) and I had recently learned of Uppecase while attending Melody's soul Book class- ladies at my table were raving about her.(I apologize I dont have photos or all names correct at this posting)
I have recently been introduced to where woem create magazine and several other publications from them-and just absorb every page! Love it! To see and hear Jo Packman was really endearing!
Thanks for stopping by.

My son did ok without me,too!

Monday, August 29, 2011

art is calling me back

Ok, I am kind of getting this blogging thing figured out.
I wanted to post what has been happening to bring me here.
It was late Feb. 2011-- and I was needing "something"... I looked on-line for some kind of art workshop. I came upon one with Christy Tomlinson and LOVED IT! It was called "She Art!" I had not touched my art supplies in over 10 years!I really never thought there was going to be a time when I would use them- ever again!
This art piece is entitled "40". I gave it to a special person. Look at for inspiration from christy Tomlinson.

Monday, August 22, 2011

summer Color HAPPINESS

what color have you found around you that inspires a happy feeling?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wisconsin robins

Every year we have a mama robin make her nest in our work area, where we keep lawn mowers and such. Since having my son we have taken an interest of watching this wonderful amazing thing. This year we were able to watch her begin to bring elements to build the nest. i dont have access to the pictures currently. It was amazing at dusk we went inside and she was busily coming back and forth with grass. in the morning it was complete,absolutely perfect. We watched her for weeks. once they hatched we watched her - she is a very busy mama! We finally saw one of her babies, as he left the nest and was up on my sons new playset. So beautiful!I felt he was nervous but brave!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

stretching our legs

We had taken a few days and went north of WI for the weekend,and our son gets antsy in the car - we happened to drive a short distance to a random park to stretch our legs,and it helped alot, and was a bunch of fun!
The little troll you see, is a toy the children at my sons school take with them when they go on a Trip! They can take pictures and show the friends at school all the fun they had with the troll.