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Friday, December 30, 2011

balance and creativity in 2012

Re-posted from July 2003:

(posted by When I first read Julie’s words, goosebumps lined my arms because what she speaks about in this newsletter is something I – and a lot of artists I know – struggle with. Balance.

Most of us tend to overwork ourselves, something that is easy to do when you’re in love with what you do. However, if you don’t look after yourself, your relationships and your home, your work (and you) will eventually suffer. Balance is the key to everything, but sometimes that’s hard to do.

Julie’s “Check List” is a great reminder on how to keep our lives balanced and our work creative. Take it away Julie!

Monthly Life Balance Checklist
by Julie Valentine

Life can get pretty busy with work and life pressures, that’s why I think it’s important to find tools to keep us in track. I have learned, over the last 2 years with my business, that tools and processes can keep the edge off feelings of extreme overwhelm. To keep me on track I created, along with my business coach, a checklist to keep me on track. This list is so helpful I wanted to share it with you.

Try looking over this list once a month and make note of anything that is out of whack. Identify solutions that leave you inspired. Put each solution on your to do list and schedule a date to complete it – even if it’s a year or more from now.

Overtime, completing each item will give you a sense of balance and control over your life and give you a freedom that will allow you to share more of your talents with the world.


Am I Nurturing My Relationships?
[_] Is there anyone that I owe a phone call, letter, email, etc. who I need to be in communication with?
[_] Do I have any broken promises I need to apologize for and release or complete?
[_] Have I gossiped about anyone?
[_] Am I in contact with Mentors, Teachers or Sages?
[_] Is there anyone I need to acknowledge or thank?
[_] Am I nurturing or creating romantic relationships?
[_] Am I nurturing family relationships?
[_] Am I supporting the endeavors of others? attending receptions, graduation, openings?
[_] Am I remembering life events by sending cards or calling for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays?

Am I Expressing My Creativity and Sense of Play?
[_] Have I scheduled a vacation?
[_] Have I created something original from my heart?
[_] Have I scheduled a local adventure to discover a new place, restaurant, museum, etc.
[_] Have I set a side time to dream and vision my future? (Keep a journal, etc.)
[_] Have I spent time in silence?

Am I Honoring My Body Temple?
[_] Have I scheduled a physical with a doctor and/or OBGYN?
[_] Have I moved my body through physical activity? dance , yoga, etc.
[_] Do I have sufficient health insurance?
[_] Are my hair and nails in good condition?
[_] Am I getting regular body work: massage, reiki, etc.
[_] Am I getting sufficient sleep?
[_] Are there any differences in the look and texture of my body that I need to deal with?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment at the dentist office?
[_] Am I drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and completing my meals by 7pm?
[_] Have I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor?
[_] Am I putting an effort into my appearance?

Am I Managing My Palace?
[_] Is my check book balanced?
[_] Is my house clear of clutter?
[_] Which areas need attention?
[_] Are my taxes paid?
[_] Are my bills paid or scheduled to be paid?
[_] Do I have a long term financial plan in motion ?
[_] Do I have a sufficient savings and a savings plan?
[_] Do I donate to charity?
[_] Do I have sufficient home insurance?
[_] Are my home appliances in working order?
[_] Are my plants watered?

How’s Work? Am I Sharing My Gifts and Talents with the World?
[_] Is my work place clean?
[_] Are there any communications I need to make with my contractors, vendors, customers?
[_] Am I showing up for work on time?
[_] Is my performance at work up to par?
[_] Am I holding people to account for our agreements?
[_] Are my bills and/or business expenses paid?
[_] Are my business taxes complete?
[_] Are my business license current and complete?
[_] Are my business systems helping me progress with efficiency?
[_] Are sales meeting or exceeding targets?
[_] Is my business supporting me and enhancing my life?
[_] Am I happy with my salary?
[_] Do I have sufficient legal representation?
[_] Do I have gathered an extraordinary team of employees or contractors to assist in production?
[_] Have I created a marketing strategy to keep my products alive in my customers minds?

Am I Honoring My Mode of Transportation?
[_] Is my car registration up to date?
[_] Do I have sufficient car insurance?
[_] Is my car clean, clear of clutter and smelling fresh?
[_] Have I scheduled an oil change?
[_] Do I have any incomplete traffic/parking violations?
[_] Are my tires in good working order?
[_] Have I addressed any other maintenance issues?
[_] Have I scheduled a routine checkup with a qualified mechanic?
[_] Is my car filled with enough gas to get me through the week?

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