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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I have been going thru alot of my days as a single mom due to the fact my husband travels for work and he has been on the road 24/6 for the past 5 weeks. I do really great for the first 8 days. He is usually home for a day or 2 but catches up on his own "chores" and there isnt alot of time for us as a family. I have been reaching out trying to "connect" with some mommy-friends, and volunteering with my childs school, and getting ina little ART respite now and then.
I do my best to provide a safe and mostly happy time for my little guy. We have done pumpkin farms, hay rides and petting farms, last weekend was trick or treat, and our village had a spooky walk. We enjoyed it alot. My little one was so brave and hilarious!
Having a child with some developmental delays makes it super hard some days because my head is telling me he is 5 years old when my heart knows he is Not really, so I shouldnt be as upset with some of the behaviors or issues that go on.
This brings me back to my need for community.
I feel better when I dive into some of the BLOGS that I love,(kellierae roberts,) and also on the days that I know I can do some art. In my own little way I have found a community that quite honestly saves my soul.

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