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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a feeling of calm and a twinge of sadness

Today I had a phone conversation with little A's teacher regarding all the plans for his school placement next year. I want to protect him and keep him safe from his little heart breaking, or from being overwhelmed. I know this is something moms have to go thru.
I did end the conversation feeling very good about the events and milestones ahead for sweet little A. As this year draws to an end my heart is full of gratitude and love for the wonderful teachers that have been in his life. Tomorrow there will be so many tears ... tears of pride, tears of thankfulness and of course tears from the idea of branching out and all that these little ones have accomplished in a short years time.
tomorrow I will witness him walk across a stage exiting preschool and entering kindergarten
a transition I know that he is apprehensive about ~ and I know in my heart he is ready for, he will enjoy all that 5K has to offers. There will be ups and downs-hard days and fantastic days... all the while this proud bursting with LOVE mama will be there with bells on!

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