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Saturday, May 5, 2012

sweetness inspiring me

There is something so precious about sweet baby lambs. When I heard that twins were born at our favorite family farm my son and I rushed to see them. He has always had a soft place in his heart for lambs. They have a angelic quality~ and I think that is why.
I could barely contain my excitement because we were able to go in the pen with them, and they wanted to be near us. My son was very excited as well! The lambs wanted to chew on him. and my camera strap as well!
We also went outside to a pen where they werent as people friendly but --oh just as cute. I got a few great shots of them looking right at me(my camera).

We also were able to see a family of new "kids". have you ever seen baby goats? Talk about CUTE!  I don"t know if you can tell by the picture, but there are 5 or more babies in a bucket!!!
I was overwhelmed with the sweetness on this day at the farm!

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